7 Steps to Wellness

7 Steps to Wellness is a book written by our naturopath, Glenda Johnson.

It is a fantastic resource that highlights important aspects that will assist you in gaining health naturally.

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Ebook describing the steps to take to be well naturally.

A note from the author:

This book has been written with you in mind. It has been written so that you can see there is a great way to health.

Even if you are sick you can get well and then maintain that wellness for life.

If there are no signs of illness, GREAT, you can then go on to do the best you can to stay that way. Then if you do happen to become ill, the aim is to experience that illness in the mildest form possible.

The state of our health as it stands is generally a case of  “We reap what we sow…”.

What I have to say may be brand new to you, or you may know lots of it, but just not put it into practice. I hope that by reading this book you are reminded of your knowledge and that you are now ready to put it into practice.

I hope you gain some great insight into health the natural way by reading this book.

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Best wishes

Glenda Johnson

Naturopathy Ringwood Melbourne - Your Wellness Centre

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