I highly recommend Glenda. She has helped me to regain my health. After 10 years of seeing other health professional without successful results. Naturopathy is not a quick fix, it does take a little while for the results, but (it’s) worth it.


Thank you for all your help the last few months. As you know I am feeling better than I did before I came to see you. Your information both verbally and written have been very helpful to me and I have followed your guidelines extremely well. The natural remedies you have provided me with have helped me so much I don’t think I would be feeling as great as I am without them. Since coming to you I feel like I have woken from a sleep and I am living my life again, I have a lot more energy and stamina to things I never could. My stomach is heeling very well and I can feel all the differences as time goes on. Thank you once again for all your help!


I just wanted you to know how happy and surprised I am with my health in only 2 weeks after my 1st visit to you. As you know I was very unwell when I first came to see you. I could hardly lift myself in and out of the chair because the amount of pain I had in my joints and muscles, my memory was poor as was my concentration, motivation and I struggled with day to day activities. In as little as two days the pain had almost left me it was miraculous, after one week the brain fog had lifted, concentration at work and day to day activities had increased by 100%. My sleeping patterns changed i.e. instead of waking up all the time during the night and waking up in the morning feeling exactly the same way I did when I went to bed (horrible), I slept soundly and when possible 12 hours straight.

My husband has even commented that I looked really good, “he meant healthwise” and some friends and family have seen a difference. Yesterday I even dared to go running again, it’s been a long time between runs but I didn’t feel like it, my recovery was amazing. I am 38 years old, and have 3 boys 15, 12 and 8. I can honestly say even after 2 weeks I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. No-one should live with any physical discomfort for no reason. I still have more visits with you but I’m so looking forward to it. I now have a clearer understanding about my body and health and I am enjoying learning more about it. Instead of feeling like a donkey I now feel more like a thoroughbred!


Weight Loss

I had been coming to Your Wellness Centre for some time as Glenda sorted out my digestive problems. I was overweight and lazy, but secretly wishing I could loose weight and feel better about myself. I was a bit shocked when Glenda told me I was starting a weight loss program that day, but I needed someone to push me to finally make a commitment. I started the Shake It program 3 months ago and have lost 13kgs. There are plenty of foods that you can eat, but I have found I need to be committed not to eat and drink the wrong types of food, as it slows down any weight loss. It gets easier as you can see the weight come off, and I have my goal weight that I want to come down to. Glenda has been a great support to me. I t has been quite confronting to be weighed each visit, but as I don’t want to disappoint myself or Glenda by putting on weight it keeps me motivated to keep going. I would never believe those people who would say they enjoy shopping after weight loss, but I can tell you it’s true. To be able to walk into a clothes shop and look at clothes a size smaller, and more fitted, is a liberating feeling. It really is true. Glenda and the Shake It program have changed my lifestyle. I want to be healthier, and I can see changes, like my blood pressure has lowered and my husband says I no longer snore at night! So do it today!! Everything you hear other people say – it really is true!



You can add us to your “successes” list. I am 7 weeks pregnant and of course my husband and I are thrilled. We have shared our news with our families and they are very pleased as well. Thanks for your help and advice. I lost 4 kgs in the lead up to becoming pregnant and whether or not it helped my fertility, it certainly helped me feel healthier and more positive. I think the supplements were also very beneficial.


Thanks to you, I have made some really positive lifestyle changes. I feel so much better within myself, physically and Your Wellness Centre has given me the confidence to take charge of my health and body in a positive way. Ovarianne, has changed my life! I cant tell enough people about it. After struggling to conceive for 2 years, Ovarianne has helped put my body on the right track.


Digestive Problems

Originally I felt bloated, gassy and had to go the toilet about 4-5 times a day. I got sick and tired of feeling how this is how I would feel for the rest of my life. My condition was progressively getting worse. When I started to go on the detox at first it was a bit tough as I wasn’t used to eating Gluten Free products as a way of life. Over the time my body started to improve where it basically returned to full health. The improvement came quite quick and the experience has made me far more health conscious as now I know how to keep healthy and maintain it.



To Glenda and the Wellness Clinic. I have been attending the clinic for seven months and with Glenda’s guidance I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my health. I am 65 years and have been under a high degree of stress for several decades. I recommend the de-tox program which is done over several months with great results. I feel better, have more energy and a much calmer approach to everyday situations. The taste of the “pills” may not be great but the results certainly are.


I had a tummy problem for a long time which got worse and worse. Every time I ate it made me feel dreadful, stomach would blow up & I would get bloated. It felt 2-3 sizes bigger. I was eating lots of food which wasn’t agreeing with me.

I saw Your Wellness Centre‘s ad in the local paper and thought this is what I need and came to be checked out. I had wind constantly and I didn’t want to go out. It became very urgent. I feel like a new person now since being tested.

The first week it improved by taking out some of the foods which weren’t agreeing and repairing the damage. I was getting better and better. A few years ago I went to a different naturopath for gallstones. I had a bad experience here and was a bit apprehensive. Now, glad I came to see you.

People need to know they need to be diligent yourself to heal yourself, you need to be strong. It is not like a pill you take from the Doctor which puts a mask over it. You need to realise that health is in your hands. Naturopathy treats and helps and heals and is quite logical.

After visiting Your Wellness Centre I feel the best I have in years! Glenda approached my health problems in a kind and supportive manner and within a few days I was already feeling a difference in my energy levels and digestion. I want to thank Glenda for improving my health and well-being. I encourage anybody to visit Glenda, there can only be positive results!


Women’s Health

Just wanted to let everyone know that I started using the menstrual regulating products about 4 months ago due to having extremely heavy periods. They have been instrumental to making my cycle regular but also less heavy.


I attended the Wellness Centre in March 2009 in a last ditch attempt to gain control and relief of this disastrous menopause nuisance!! …..thanks to (Glenda), I have really turned the corner. I feel great!! My hot flushes have all but stopped. The sweats have nearly all gone as well and I feel like a different woman. Under Glenda’s guidance, I have regained my life back and the future looks rosy. The nutritional supplements are of a high potency and are of fantastic benefit. I thoroughly recommend all aspects of the Wellness Centre.


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