Power of Food

The power of food as presented by Dr. Damian Kristof, promises to be as remarkable and informative as ever.

With added information on the effects of certain foods on health conditions, it is a presentation not to be missed. See www.yourwellnesscentre.com.au/discover-the-power-of-food for more information.

Your Wellness Centre Naturopathy - Power of Food

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Discover the Power of Food

Food will give us optimal health;  food is naturally nutritious and gives us energy;  food has healing power;  food combats the common health issues prevalent in today’s population.

But, for this to happen, you must know the better food choices that give you and those you love the gift of good health. 

To help you make those choices, we have again arranged for Dr. Damian Kristof who is at the forefront of the health and wellness revolution to present his Power of Food seminar. In this seminar, you gain an insight into his visionary approach to health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

This is an event not to be missed!

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Your Wellness Centre Naturopathy - Power of Food

What our previous attendees had to say

“I was surprised by the simplicity and educational nature of the presentation – loved it “

“Very inspirational and motivational even for a 22-year-old like me”

“I’m sorry I didn’t insist that my husband come with me, he really would have benefitted”

So, be like these attendees and reap the value of this unusual presentation. Ring  9879 9596 for your tickets as soon as possible. – and we’ll see you for a great night at the North Ringwood Uniting Church on 10th May, at 7.00pm

Power of Food

The Power of Food is a 2-hour seminar presented by leading health and wellness expert, Dr. Damian Kristof. Focusing on the healing power of eating natural and nutritious foods to combat some of the most common health issues prevalent in today’s population. The Power of Food educates attendees on the importance of what we eat to ensure optimal health.

What we put into our bodies on a daily basis can have the most nourishing or detrimental effects to our health.’ – Dr. Damian Kristof

Having studied in the fields of nutrition and the nervous system for over 16 years, Dr. Damian Kristof is a highly regarded and sought after speaker on health, weight loss and living a well-balanced lifestyle.

Click here to book on line or call 98799596. Use Code POF.

Sharing his expertise with New Zealanders on the hit TV series Downsize Me, on Australian cable TV, and on Triple M and other radio stations Australia wide, Dr. Damian Kristof has become a household name, with his message on the power of food reaching audiences of all demographics. An owner of  Slim You (one of NZ’s most successful weight loss companies), Damian is passionate to improve the health of this generation. It’s his extensive knowledge, passion, and creativity that makes the information he shares in his Power of Food seminar true edutainment!

At the forefront of the health and wellness revolution with his visionary approach to health, nutrition and lifestyle, Damian’s Power of Food seminar is not to be missed!

Providing key insights that will empower attendees to make more educated choices when selecting and preparing food, seminar attendees will be enlightened by Damian and his knowledge on topics such as:

  • Discover the power of food
  • Unlock the secrets of health through food
  • Increase personal performance through better food choices
  • Learn the secrets of losing or gaining weight
  • Shatter common food myths‘Damian arms you with all the knowledge you will ever need to know about food! He gave us tools that we will never forget, that have been so simple to incorporate into our daily lives but has made such a difference to our overall health and wellbeing.’ – Shondelle Sichter, seminar attendee.

The next Power of Food seminar will be held:

Date:        Wednesday, 10th May, 2017           Time: 7pm9pm
Venue:    North Ringwood Uniting Church,    14 Dickson Crescent ,  North Ringwood
Booking: To book your seats on line, click here  use the code POF to get a second one free.

Call (03) 9879 9596 or email health@yourwellnesscentre.com.au  to secure your seats.

Tickets are $25 each. If you buy yours by Friday 5th May, you will get a second one free.

Your Wellness Centre Naturopathy - Power of Food

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Give Mum the ultimate Gift this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s day fast approaching, Your Wellness Centre would like to offer all mums a 60-minute full body massage, a foot detox ritual, complete with a 30-minute detox box session in our infrared sauna (detox box) all for just $147! (Normally $192). Massage is a holistic way to bring harmony back to the mind, body and spirit. Lauren, our caring massage therapist will establish a state of pure relaxation by deeply working the muscles and layers of the skin. With the help of essential oils and strong healing hands, she will leave mum feeling renewed, relaxed and refreshed.

Your-Wellness-Centre-Naturopathy-Melbourne-infrared-saunaInfrared sauna  is a sweat-inducing sauna which works on the principal of generating abundant sweat to detoxify the body and relax the mind. Infrared Saunas are able to penetrate the skin more deeply than conventional saunas, therefore, can significantly expedite the detoxification process.

The foot detox works by delivering a small amount of low level, the electrical current into the array (electrode), which results in a reaction between the array, the water, and Himalayan salt to generate positive and negative charged ions. This interaction between ions re-energizes, revitalises and support’s your body’s innate ability to rebalance and achieve a higher state of wellbeing. She will also get a salt rub and foot massage

We guarantee that mum will be feeling lighter, de-stressed and completely rejuvenated after this package. To book this package, contact us.

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