Thyroid Natural Treatment

Thyroid Natural Treatment

How Thyroid Natural Treatment can help those with Thyroid problems.

Around 10% of the population have been shown to have thyroid disease, diagnosed from abnormal pathology results. 

However, the percentage of patients with thyroid problems may even be much higher, gauging from the large number of patients presenting with symptoms of thyroid under activity.

Many sufferers would say something like:

“It’s my thyroid and I take tablets but I still feel tired”.
“My blood tests showed a thyroid problem and now I take Thyroxine everyday.”

If  this is you, then I want you to know that natural treatments are available to help you, even if you do take prescribed pharmaceutical medication.

So, Let’s look at the thyroid and just how important it is to the overall functioning of the body.

The  thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped and is located at the front part of the neck. It produces the thyroid hormones T3 and T4.  Its main action is to set the rhythm and pace for most of our body functions. This means that they regulate our metabolic rate and the speed at which our organs and tissues operate. And so, if the thyroid does not work properly, it upsets the body’s entire rhythm.

Because it affects a number of organs, somebody with a thyroid problem will normally show up with a wide range of symptoms. The symptoms can be that of the thyroid either over or under functioning. We’ll look at these aspects a bit more closely.

Thyroid Conditions

  1. Under functioning thyroid is a condition known as Hypothyroidism.
  2. Overactivity of the thyroid is known as Hyperthyroidism.
  3. Graves’ Disease is an auto immune over active condition of the thyroid.
  4. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an auto immune under active condition of the thyroid.

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