What is VLA Bioimpedance Analysis?

The VLA includes a scientifically validated test known as Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA).

BIA is a science that was originally developed for the use in monitoring hospital patients after surgery as well as astronauts after space travel.

It measures biomarkers of health, including muscle, fat and energy production. These biomarkers will tell you many things about your health including body fat levels, energy, toxicity, inflammation and response to treatment.

In addition it gives you and indication of how well you are ageing by estimating an approximate Biological Age.


Who is the VLA program for?

The main people to benefit from this program are people who want to:
– lose weight
– increase muscle tone and fitness
– improve their energy
– age healthily
– effectively detoxify their body


How does VLA Bioimpedance technology differ from bioimpedance scales?

VLA is a far more accurate way to measure body fat, muscle and fluid levels than bioimpedance scales you stand on or hold. Scales or hand held body fat monitors do not send the current evenly throughout the entire body, with usually the upper part of the body not measured when using scales and vice versa with hand held devices. However, with VLA Bioimpedance, you lie flat on a treatment table to stabilise fluid levels and the current is run through your upper and lower body via the foot and hand. This is far superior technology for accurate measurement of fat, muscle and the key biomarkers of ageing.