Massage Therapist and Specialist in Authentic Health

I’d like you to know a bit more about Lauren Travis who has been a valued staff member since September and has many gifts and talents.

She is a Massage Therapist and Specialist in Authentic Health

What is Authentic Health?

It begins with being really true to yourself and having the superior health that you deserve. A good place to start is by removing the ‘toxic’ elements that may have invaded your daily life, like negative emotions, stress and the accumulated residues from processed foods.

Lauren’s crusade for Authentic Health is like Jamie Oliver’s ‘food education’ mission, in that she takes a stand for her clients to have Real Food and achieve Real Health.

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She does this through her expertise in Naturopathy, focusing on diet, lifestyle choices and weight-loss. She also utilises her experience in Massage to relieve stress, muscular tension and to induce a state of pure relaxation using essential oils.

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The result for you is less stress, reduced weight, and more energy.

You will feel more alive and have more vitality for your body, mind, and spirit.

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