Naturopathy and your Lifestyle

Does Lifestyle Affect your Health?

We are often asked why we want to know about lifestyle habits like eating, moving and thinking in our consultations, so I thought I’d discuss it here.

Quite simply, whether you have arthritis, digestive problems or cancer makes little difference, our focus remains the same: to teach you to eat, move and think in ways that are more beneficial to you and your health. 

The fact is that what is best for your health is also what is best to combat your disease.

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Eating Fruit is a healthy choice

However, there is no guarantee that improving your diet, becoming more flexible, getting the rest you require or worrying less improves any specific symptom or illness.

Eliminating a Food Sensitivity can ‘Heal’ Symptoms

Occasionally a sensitivity to a particular food can provoke certain symptoms such as rashes, headaches and joint pain. Eliminating this food can ‘heal’ these symptoms. However, this type of symptomatic relief is more the exception than the rule.

Symptoms decrease as you improve in general ways.

Typically, you will find your entire system improves in more general, non-specific ways. You feel stronger and more energetic, sleep more soundly, female menstrual periods are less troublesome, joints are less stiff and sore, your digestion improves, you can concentrate and remember better and you find yourself less irritable and happier overall.

As you improve in these general ways, you will find that many of your specific symptoms will lessen in frequency and severity.

This is for the good of the whole rather than for any specific organ or function. The benefit to any particular part is almost always the result of a strengthening, nourishing and resting of the whole.

Underlying Causes of Symptoms are addressed.

Our care will also provide you with intelligent methods for symptomatic relief.
We are committed to providing the finest healthcare of which we are able. That includes both symptomatic relief and education to address the underlying causes of your symptoms. We will also refer you to others for further education or therapy whenever we see it to be in your best interest.

You Benefit from using what we Teach you.

So, if you want to learn how to take better care of your health;  if it makes sense that your health and happiness are the product of your own actions;  and if you value yourself enough to devote time to caring for your health: a visit to discuss this is just the thing for you!

You will not be disappointed.
We guarantee that what we teach will always benefit you to the exact degree that you use it.

We’d love to partner you in Attaining your Goals

We intend to meet you wherever you are currently in your process of health and healing.

You will be provided with clear, achievable steps that you can incorporate into your current lifestyle. We will inspire and support you, not overwhelm you. We look forward to being your partner in the attainment of your health goals.

Ring 9879 9596 to make an appointment today.


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