What is Biomesotherapy?

Biomesotherapy which is a natural pain treatment widely used in Europe by both conventional and natural doctors, is now available in Australia. The technique stimulates deeper organ systems and includes oral homeopathic medicines to treat the organ or tissue. 

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Efficacy of Biomesotherapy

Biomesotherapy uses carefully calculated diluted substances, commonly known as homeopathic potencies. Specific healing combinations of these medicines are used for particular conditions. They are usually of plant or mineral origin and in very low dilutions.

In the short term, medicines used in Biomesotherapy may not be as effective as prescription drugs as far as quick relief is concerned but once in the system, the benefits are longer lasting.
Three or more sessions may be required for results to be comparable.

However, many patients may receive immediate relief from pain and discomfort after their treatment.

How Does Biomesotherapy Work?

Biomesotherapy stimulates your body’s own healing capacity. And so it is encouraged to start healing itself. Many of the products used are formulated to relax muscle tension, for example, when treating neck and low back pain. Pain in the knee or hip may also have a muscular origin and so can be treated without touching the joint itself.

Treatment may also be approached by working on the “major computer” of the body which consists of several bodily systems including the brain and nervous system.

Another important area of Biomesotherapy is Detoxification.

Healthy food - Your Wellness Centre NaturopathyDetoxification literally means cleaning the body. Toxins that have accumulated in the body from the environment, poor diet or from medication are able to alter the immune defence system resulting in inflammation. This may be the reason why the body may not be functioning at its optimum level, and it could also disturb the responses of your nervous system, causing pain and discomfort.

Eliminating toxins (homotoxins) is an important strategy, especially when dealing with chronic diseases. 

When Do Practitioners Suggest Using Biomesotherapy?

Biomesotherapy cannot heal all your medical problems and is not a miracle therapy. It is up to you and your practitioner to decide if Biomesotherapy is appropriate for you. The majority of patients are treated with Biomesotherapy as an alternative for pain management.

The symptom is not suppressed, the body’s information to support a healing response is reorganized.
Pain is an important warning that something is wrong in the body and so the source of pain must be addressed.
More than one treatmentmay be necessary for initial improvement. If your pain is recent it may be treated in two to three sessions. If the pain has been present for months or even years, it may take several treatments.

After the first treatment it is possible that you might feel a little worse. This is because the healing process has been activated. Your body may have to work on the cause of the problem and, in doing so, produces some discomfort. This means that real healing is taking place.

Biomesotherapy is often used for problems such as neck and back pain, ankle sprain, sciatica, frozen shoulder and Achilles tendonitis. It is also very successful in treating sports injuries.

It is often suggested for those who have tried orthodox medicine without success. Also used when patients are experiencing side effects with other medications. It is also not necessary to stop your medically prescribed medication.

Each case needs to be assessed individually by a trained Biomesotherapy practitioner.

Biomesotherapy is not used to heal cancer, heart disease or AIDS. It is not suggested for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or epilepsy.

When serious tissue damage has already occurred it is difficult to reverse the process and bring the body back into balance again. Biomesotherapy is indicated for particular conditions and physical symptoms.

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