HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Weight Loss Program

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) weight loss program stimulates your body to release and burn excess fat that is stored around your waist, hips, bottom and thighs.

You can lose the weight from stubborn areas too.
It reduces your appetite, helps reshape your body and also helps reset your metabolism.

The HCG Weight loss program is great for anyone who:

  • wants to lose excess body fat and reset their metabolism.
  • wants a permanent change and improvement in their health and vitality.
  • has been on many diets with limited results.
  • wants to lose stubborn fat stored in the wrong places.
  • has undergone a health assessment with us and found to be suitable to do the program.

How is Weight Loss Achieved?

The HCG homeopathic fat loss drops are used in combination with a structured diet and proceeds in three easy to follow phases.

All this is done under the guidance of our experienced naturopaths, using our fully professional, step by step HCG weight loss program.

Our HCG weight loss program includes:

  • Initial comprehensive health assessment consultation to ensure your suitability for this program
  • Initial health & body assessment using our Bio-analysis program, body measurements and before and after photos.
  • 2 follow up assessments before commencing maintenance
  • 1 assessment at the end of your program is also included in your program cost.
  • Your own Optimal weight loss and body reshaping manual that includes over 100 recipes and tips to help you during all phases of the program.
  • Your support nutritional supplements.
  • Ongoing professional support during the program.

What are the benefits of the HCG Weight loss Program?

  • It is simple and easy to follow
  • there are 3 simple phases
  • Results can be achieved in as little as 21 days
  • Appetite is reduced and you will not feel hungry
  • Resets your metabolism and helps reshape your body
  • There are no membership fees, no gimmicks, no classes to attend
  • No shakes
  • No strenuous exercise necessary
  • You maintain your weight loss

Where did the HCG Weight loss program originate?

The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) weight loss protocol was developed by Dr A.T.W. Simeons of Salvador Mundi International Hospital, in Rome, Italy, in the 1950′s and 60′s.

Dr Simeons realised that if regularly taken, small doses of HCG would cause the average person to lose approximately 0.5kg of body fat daily. These results were seen in both men and women.

Do I have to attend appointments?

We understand that you may be busy, so we have made available phone or Skype consultations as well.

You choose: Visit us for a consultation or book a phone consultation.

Both types of consultation are done by experienced naturopathic practitioners.

Simply let us know what best suits you.

So if you are interested in getting back in shape and losing that unwanted weight, then its time to start working on the new you.

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