Ultralite Weight Loss Program

Ultralite Weight Loss Program

How Will You Achieve Your Weight Loss?

Naturopaths at Your Wellness Centre will guide you every step of the way as you lose excess body fat while maintaining your health and muscle mass.

You will lose the weight and keep it off!
* Although results can vary from person to person, some participants have lost between 8 and 10 Kg in 5 weeks!

Monitoring is very important so you are invited to visit the clinic once a week.

A unique feature of the Ultralite program is that you eat real food at each meal of the day. The program is centred on eating the right food and the right portion sizes. By addressing the real food issues, that is “we are what we eat”, and by changing the paradigm from “living to eat” to “eating to live”. The amount of each  food group is carefully demonstrated to you so that you can most efficiently start burning your own body fat.

In between each meal you have the contents of an Ultralite sachet in water. The sachets contain vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids – and are taken between meals. This assists in stabilising blood sugar levels, thus eliminating cravings. This keeps your metabolism going and you do not feel hungry all day.

To make sure you are actually burning fat, we show you how to measure the amount of ketones in your urine which are indicative of efficient fat burning in the healthy range.

Fortunately a minimum amount of exercise is recommended so you don’t have to strain yourself at the gym.

Everything you need to do is mapped out in a comprehensive manual which contains cafe style healthy recipes as well. This way you do not feel deprived.

Ultra Lite is not only able to assist people to lose weight fast and maximise fat loss but provides the skills and knowledge for permanent weight control!

*Disclaimer: Even though these results are possible, there is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary from person to person.

Ultralite Program

The Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program is a naturally balanced program based on a ketogenic diet system.

It is based on independent research incorporating dieticians, doctors and scientists by Harvard University which effectively turns the old dietary pyramid upside down! Through fast but natural weight loss the program’s reputation is spreading worldwide.

Ultralite Weight Loss Program - Your Wellness Centre

We believe in a holistic approach to natural weight loss and most importantly long term weight control. We aim to empower people to make healthy food choices and to know what constitutes healthy portion sizes.

Ultra Lite is not a high protein diet; in fact, the amount of protein consumed is based on the recommendation of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Many people have experienced dramatic health benefits as a direct result of the re-balancing of their daily intake of protein and complex carbohydrates. Diseases such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance have been greatly improved by those participating in the UltraLite weight loss and detox program.

The naturopath weight loss program not only helps people to develop healthy eating habits, but it helps re-configure metabolisms and wean off excessive amounts of sugar and reduce portion sizes without feeling hungry. Attending weekly one on one personal consultations with a professionally trained practitioner helps keeps you on track and has proven to be essential to a successful outcome.

Once you achieve your weight loss goal it is then recommended that you begin the Lifetime maintenance program. This is where you consolidate your knowledge of food values, portion size and re-introduce foods that were previously restricted. This provides you with the skills and knowledge for permanent weight control.

Fund Rebates

The Ultra Lite eating program is approved by the private health funds listed below, and you may be entitled to claim a refund. Refunds are subject to change, so please consult your private health fund regarding eligibility and appropriate cover required for claims.

Australian Unity (also incorporating Grand United)

A 10% discount on programs applies to Australian Unity members. Australian Unity members must present their Membership Card at commencement of consultation to be eligible for discount arrangement. Australian Unity will also provide eligible members up to $350 benefit.

CBHS (Commonwealth Bank Health Society)

A 10% discount on programs applies to CBHS Australian Unity members. CBHS members must present their CBHS Membership Card at commencement of consultation to be eligible for discount arrangement. Eligible members can claim for up to $100 rebate.

CUA Health Fund

CUA Health pay a benefit to members under their Health Management Programs limit of $100 per annum for a single member or $200 per annum for a family membership for approved health management programs.

HCI (Health Care Insurance Limited)

HCI members with ancillary cover can claim $50 per year per person for the cost of a naturopath weight loss program.

St Lukes Health

St Lukes Health provide a rebate up to $50 per annum for weight management programs.

Manchester Unity

Manchester Unity will pay benefits for naturopath weight loss programs under the “Keep Fit” component of certain policies. Eligible members can claim up to $200 depending.

MBF including Alliance brands – MBF (including Alliance brands – SGIO, SGIC, NRMA)

MBF members, with appropriate MBF Extras cover, can claim Weight Management under the “Living Well Program”. Customers need to submit their claim by mail for benefits to be paid. Members should check their eligibility with MBF directly on 131 137. Eligible members can claim up to $100.

Medibank Private

Healthy Plus, Smart Plus, Premier Plus or Advantage Plus members may claim for health management programs as part of their package bonus. Members are advised to complete a Health Management Program form which is available from Medibank Private. Members must also be in receipt of a medical practitioner letter stating that the client needs to lose weight for health reasons.

Queensland Teachers Union Health Fund

The Teacher’s Union Health Fund cover weight management programs under the “Health Management Program”, which must be approved by the member’s medical practitioner. Members must meet certain criteria to qualify and should contact Queensland Teachers Union Health Fund to establish eligibility.

Teachers Union Health

May be eligible for refunds. Members must obtain and complete a Health Management Program form which is available from Teachers Union Health.

How Long have these Naturopaths in Ringwood Used the Ultralite Program?

The Ultralite Weight Management System has been the primary weight management system used at Your Wellness Centre for more than ten years.

Being one of the first qualified naturopathic practitioners of the Ultralite Weight Loss and Weight Management systems, Glenda Johnson regards it as one of the most results driven programs she knows of.

As an experienced naturopath, she is able to rectify health issues in clients if necessary and so prepare them for optimal weight loss success. Ultralite is a safe, quick, effective program of naturopath weight loss followed by a maintenance program to ensure you maintain your great results.

What our Clients say

Dear Glenda,

My choice to come to the “Wellness Centre” was to try and turn my life around.

From the first visit to the centre has made such a difference in my life. I was very overweight, my blood pressure was high, I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I never exercised with arthritis and now – I look forward to coming once a week to be weighed and measured. I am now 2 dress sizes down, I sleep un-interrupted all night, my blood pressure has come down to an all time low. I walk a lot, swim a lot and love preparing my meals. Instead of one meal a day I have smaller meals 3 times a day.

This has all changed in 5 weeks!

I am really looking forward to continuing the Ultralite program. I have learnt so much about eating the right foods.

The biggest surprise to me is how simple and enjoyable the meals are. I’m never hungry.

Thank you “Wellness Centre” for helping me to feel like a new person.

– Wendy

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