All About the Alkaline Diet

What is the alkaline diet all about and why are people turning to it?

The alkaline diet is about promoting health and is mainly comprised of foods which break down to produce an alkaline ash or residue.

People turn to it knowingly or even unknowingly because when the body is slightly alkaline they actually experience a difference in how good they feel.

Your Wellness Centre Naturopathy - Alkaline DietIt is becoming more popular, thanks to the advent of the green morning smoothie using popularised blending gadgets showing the alkaline ingredients used and its ease of preparation. Those making these blends report that this gives them a great start to the day.

Many realise that they do not need to feel tired all the time and that there is an easy way to feel good on a daily basis without having to resort to that early morning coffee fix!

Others lose more weight than ever before and previously tired people find themselves more energetic.

However, there is much more to embracing an alkaline diet besides just the early morning smoothie!

It means that the balance of alkaline to acid foods should be eaten at all meals throughout the day. Adopting the 80:20 principle gives the amount of alkaline to acid foods we need at each meal. Simply looking at your plate, just less than a quarter of it should be occupied by acid foods while just more than three-quarters of the plate should have alkaline foods.

The alkaline diet does mean a change in thinking because it is different to the modern diet which is highly acidic.

However, once adopted, it is an easy to follow the lifestyle, with the payoff being that of fantastic health and well being.

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