How to Burn Fat with Ketosis

The secret of how to burn fat with ketosis in a nutshell:

When you burn body fat you produce chemicals called ketones.
For this to take place your body‘s blood sugar and insulin levels need to be low enough for you to switch to a higher level of fat burning.
When you can measure these ketones in your urine, you know that you are eating the best foods for weight loss as well as burning fat efficiently.

And of course if we have excess body fat, we end up losing weight, as well as gaining all the other benefits of an improved body composition.

So How do You Get into Ketosis? 

To burn fat you need to eat the best food for weight loss. This means you must limit *high glycemic load foods to a level where your body will produce less of the hormone insulin and so increase the rate of fact burning.
Eating less food is not the answer. You need to specifically reduce the *high glycemic index, carbohydrate rich foods in order to “switch on” fat burning.
The best choices are those that comprise a fat burning diet. This will be vegetables (not the starchy ones like potatoes and sweet potatoes) while ones that are higher in carbohydrate like pumpkin and peas should be limited. Fruit is to be limited as well and I’d suggest especially bananas because they are really high in carbs.

However to maintain a healthy body, you will need to measure your ketones using a ketostick and the reading should be small.

What you need to know to facilitate a fat burning diet:

High levels of dietary carbohydrate foods also known as high glycemic load foods,  (for example sugars and starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes) work with the hormone insulin to “switch off” fat burning and increase fat gain. When your insulin levels become too high it promotes the production of excess fat while blocking the burning of fat. So it can become almost impossible to lose fat if you have raised your insulin levels.

A Word of Warning to help you stay in Ketosis

A keto diet is not just about a low carbohydrate diet!
It is wise to make sure you have a variety of good quality different vegetables in your diet if you are to participate in a Keto diet.
Adequate nutrients need to be consumed as well as enough lean protein at each meal. As well as this, you will need good fats to be included too.
Do not skip meals because this is not about starvation and all it does is slow down your metabolism!
Digestive enzymes are highly recommended to maintain efficient digestion.
While a good quality probiotic will help nurture your microbiome (good gut bacteria).

The idea is to lose weight, specifically body fat and not lose body muscle or your health in the process!
The best way to do this is to follow the above principles and have your health monitored in the process!

The effectiveness of a ketogenic diet weight loss plan is that it deals with underlying metabolic and hormonal issues, making it a critical factor for individuals with
treatment resistant obesity.


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